Hi, I am Celeste 

I am an eco-social communication designer and illustrator, am currently based in Leipzig and finished the masters study course Eco-Social Design at the Free University in Bolzano.
With my projects I try to foster change towards a sustainable, diverse and enjoyable future.
Besides designing, i am very passionate about outdoors, running and cycling and  love to spend time at the mountains.

What happened until now...
* Bachelor studies: Integrated Design at the HS Anhalt
* Internship: Serviceplan Berlin
* Student Trainee: Heimat Berlin
* Freelancer: Project perMA about Future Design Education
* Master studies: Eco-Social Design at the UniBz
* Graphic Designer & Illustrator at  Studio Leeflang
* Freelance: Graphic, Illustration, Social Design & Workshops

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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